API fullstack app

Screenshot of an API app with a frontend

What does setting up a Ruby fullstack app looks like in 2022?

Whenever I had worked on this type of app in my work history, it was always on codebases that were already started by others, and had been running in production for a couple of years.

I wanted to check out the state of things in 2022. How would I start one of those from scratch today. I also always wanted to create a webapp that is both an API and has a sandbox to try it out and a docs page all in the same place. So I created an API app using Sinatra, with a frontend that makes AJAX requests to the API using vanilla Javascript.

I wrote about the technicalities of it in this blog post.

See it in action https://roleplayersapi.herokuapp.com/
Creation Date 2022.
Technologies Heroku CLI, Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, responsive design
Testing RSpec, Jasmine.
Description Simple set up of an API page with a frontend that provides both a sandbox to try out the API and a docs page. Coded from scratch.
Repository https://github.com/octopusinvitro/players-api

Screenshot of the sandbox

Screenshot of a full page showing the sandbox