Codecademy practice

Screenshot of a challenge page

In my free time, I teach people from underrepresented groups to code. They start from zero, not having written a line of code. So I usually have them start with web development, as they don't have to install anything, and they have immediate feedback in a browser everytime they change the code.

I often have them go through the Codecademy courses and do a couple of lessons, then I give them challenges to practice and sink in the learnings. I observed that I was repeating myself a lot and decided to create a page so I can direct them there, and they do the same challenges.

It is still a work in progress in continuous expansion. It contains challenges for JavaScript and Ruby.

See it in action
Creation Date 2021.
Technologies Jekyll, GitHub pages, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript.
Description A page to send my students for challenges that I can review. Challenge solutions are provided.